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Published: December 2018

I wish for my lost loved ones to spread wings
So they’d fly back and share all Christmas things,
Just as they did back in their days on earth
And the holy birth was a source of great mirth.

Then they’d see snowflakes fall softly to the ground,
Hear carol singers make beautiful sounds.
Children excited for Santa to arrive,
Christmas trees aglow and blazing firesides.

Church bells chiming to announce the new King,
Born as a host of Angel voices sing.
In humble conditions came Mary’s boy.
Unto the world a sweet bundle of joy.

Thoughtful tokens handed out as a gift.
Times may have been hard, but love made us rich.
Games and charades when there was no TV.
Fish paste sandwiches and jelly for tea.

But it’s unlikely my wishes come true.
I’ll send love in a prayer, I usually do,
And ask God to share my heart all around 
For peace on earth that knoweth no bounds.


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