I wish humanity stopped think they are the highest in the universe. We are not.
We have failed severely to take care of our greatest and most important gift: our planet.
We will never again get back what we have destroyed and are destroying.

We will not persist very much longer before our existence is on the brink of the end…

The religions made by man cannot help. Only God, a God who isn’t in any of the human made destructive and greedy abuse of His creatures and creation. Jesus came to teach us about God, but all we could do, was abuse his name. All of God’s inspired words given to a few during history have been abused and used for personal power or other interests .

I wish that people would do what they preach. But who out of millions of us have managed to walk in His footsteps? Very very few🥺

Those with a good heart need to be strong, do not let the evil spirits of this world take over your life. Pray.

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